Monday, October 25, 2010

How to Subscribe, Publish ShareMyDeal Coupon Feed and Make Referral Bonus publishes tens of thousands of official Cash Back Eligible coupons every day via ATOM feed, which most of browsers and email clients can subscribe. If you are interested in coupons from one store or two, go to each cash back store page, and click the “feed” icon next to the store promotions column. Your browser should allow you to subscribe the feed. You can also copy the URL, and paste to your email client’s RSS feed.

If you would like to receive all promotion feed programmatically, you can either subscribe the main stores feed and find each store coupon feed link in tag. Or build the link directly by extending the store home URL with “/promotions.atom”.

The URL looks like

where XXXXXX is the store permanent link.

The content in the feed includes links that either goes to the store promotion page directly or goes thru ShareMyDeal cash back tracking page to allow user get Cash Back on top of the store promotion.

For partners who publishes our feed to their users, feel free to attach your permanent link ID at the end of the Cash Back links

where NNNNN is our promotion ID that you should not modify and YYYYYY is the your user permanent link ID.

Enjoy the extra referral bonus where your users earn cash back.

Happy Shopping!


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