Monday, November 2, 2009

Help your favorite non-profit, get more cash back at ShareMyDeal

So I logged into my facebook account today and got a message from a friend that hasn't been in touch for quite long, and the message was about... Donation Invitation. You know I wasn't too thrilled that was the only reason she emailed me for all these years but I donated regardless. This is not about my friend or me, it's about those poor kids that may benefit from the donation.

Plus facebook made it fun. They are running this 30-day national competition that encourages people to help win cash awards on behalf of their favorite nonprofit. Participants in America’s Giving Challenge will compete for daily and overall cash awards based on the number of donations generated for a cause, not dollars raised.

There are more than seven thousand of causes that are competing to receive highest number of donation now and chances are, your favorite cause are one of them. Remember at the end of competition, the number one cause will receive $50,000 award and second and third runner up will each receive $25,000 award. If you already did or plan to donate before the 11/6 deadline for this Giving Challenge, wants to show the ultimate respect to you.

I looked at our transaction reports for the past month, it turns out 6PM has been our favorite store for everyone. So I will make it simple, mostly for the support team because we have to track this manually - after donating to your favorite cause thru facebook’s Giving Challenge, come and post on our facebook discussion board with your ShareMyDeal ID, we'll increase the cash back rate for your 6PM order(s) in the entire month of November to 7%. Come on, every lady can use a spare pair of heels and deals at 6PM makes it a nobrainer.

Make you proud, make us proud.


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