Sunday, August 2, 2009

Can you say Woo-Hoo?

Our July number is out and you gals totally rocked! I am not going to reveal which merchant it is, but based on our rough tally, we ( members) just placed close to 10% of the over all orders on the official website of a top brand skincare store during a promotional week in July. You would know which brand I am talking about if you are a dedicated beauty GWP deal hunter. With this kind of buying power, it's pretty easy to work with their marketing managers.

What does it mean to you as an individual member, you may ask. Well, let me put it this way: if something goes wrong with cash back tracking, we can get it resolved pretty quickly with priority. For example, one of our specialists caught an early reporting issue with cash back orders, we contacted their marketing manager about the potential issue though we had no solid proof at that point. The merchant took us seriously and fixed the issue right away. And everything happened in a short time before those transactions got possibly reported to about 20 SMD member accounts as canceled transaction at scheduled reporting time the following day.

There is no way we could pull this off without the community backing us up and I couldn't be happier about it.

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